The two of you are engaged; best wishes! The first step is to enjoy the warmth of your affirmation. After all, this is one of the best times of your life, and you  should  take  full  advantage  of  it.  Wedding  planning  is  a  significant  life  event  that  will  bring  you,  your  partner,  and  your  loved ones many
opportunities to celebrate and enjoy one another’s company. 

However,  we’re  here to help if organising your  Wedding planning is too much to handle. To provide guidance, we are here to help you with all aspects
of  your Wedding planning  preparations.  This is easy. The wedding  planning checklist  schedule is designed to assist you. We have enlisted the help of experts in the field to provide a summary of how to plan a superb wedding. 

From  the time  you become  engaged  until the day of your wedding. You’ll  find a thorough wedding planning checklist below. Moreover, although it is called  a 12-month  wedding  planning  checklist, you may use  this sample  for any length  of engagement. More on this later. You can personalise your wedding  planning  checklist to fit  your needs, but  you should.  Because every couple’s journey to the aisle is unique, feel free to tailor this checklist to
your needs.


12-Month Wedding Checklist

Following  is  the 12-month  wedding  checklist for wedding planning. It will help you to divide your work in terms of months. It is very easy to follow and
will help you. Keep reading this article for the best wedding planning checklist of 2023:


When 12 months remaining

Pick a time and place for your wedding planning preparation to start

Budget discussions

Choose a theme for the ceremony.

Generate a list of expected visitors.

Find a place to organise the wedding and the reception.

Start your plans on hiring your ideal wedding team.

Arrangement of a Photographer for the engaged couple

When 10-11 months remaining

Start hiring wedding planners for wedding planning

Reserving locations for the ceremony and reception

Dress, jewellery, and apparel for the wedding should be purchased.

Decide on outfits and accessories for the bridal party.

Hire an officiant to arrange Your Ceremony’s 

Send out the save-The-Dates

When 9-8 months remaining

Reception Guest List: Who to Invite

Build a wedding website.

To Explore, start with t Now Creative Ideas for a Save the Date Note

Samples Available for order Ask that you please mark your calendars

Send in Your Reservation Forms

The bride should start looking at bridal gown and dress options.

Make Pinterest inspiration boards for your wedding style.

Search for a range of hotel and restaurant prices for out-of-town                  guests.

Examine many templates for wedding invites in wedding planning

Reduce the number of people invited by

Start browsing for gifts.

It’s time to start thinking about your honeymoon.

When 7-6 months remaining

Organize accommodations in advance

Pay for music for the ceremony

The need for transportation to and from events should be planned.

Look into various wedding day hair and makeup styles

Gather with the celebrant to go through the ceremony’s schedule.

Determine the cake’s flavour and design, then set up a sampling.

: When 5-4 months remaining

Reserve the Wedding Cake

Make an appointment with a flower shop

Schedule times for dress alterations in advance for wedding planning.

Plan your vacation/honeymoon by booking flights and hotels now.

Reserve a room for the wedding night if you want it outside.

When 3 months remaining

Start practice with hair and makeup

Reserve a photo booth for the event.

Conclude the list of readers and assign readings

Make sure everything is in order and finish wedding planning your                honeymoon.

Make sure to reserve seats for the reception

When 2 months remaining

Send out the invites via mail

Make a start on your ceremony

Talk to your officiant and go through the ceremony’s specifics.

Seating assignments should be finalised.

Get Wedding Party Presents

Do the Right Thing and Get Married!

Get presents for your visitors.

Plan the text for the wedding programme.

When 1 month remains

A fitting for the final dress

Acquire a legal marriage

Inquire with suppliers about the time, place, and date.

The Honeymoon: A Confirmed Reservation

When 2 weeks remain

Choosing clothes for the groomsmen is a must in wedding planning.

Customize and place an order, for an example wedding invitation

Do the right thing and get married by buying wedding bands.

Buy a wedding invitation set

Put in an order for some thank-you notes.

Make a set list for the band/DJ

Complete the guest list.

Make sure you have a complete guest list for the rehearsal dinner.

Reserve a location for the rehearsal dinner.

Pre-arrange your rehearsal dinner invites.

Invest in a ring carrier pillow, guestbook, floral arrangement, and                  service items.

Discuss the final meal selections with the caterer for the reception.

The Menu Cards Must Be Ordered

Complete alterations for the bridal party and families.

Send suppliers, the officiant, and the bridal party a wedding day                    timeline you’ve created.

You and your bridal party should schedule spa and beauty treatments.

Wedding bands for the wedding planning: arrange to collect

Obtain the wedding booklets now!

If you get a present, be sure to send a message of gratitude.

Please start wearing your wedding shoes now.

Prearrange pet and plant care before you leave on your honeymoon.

Invitees who have not yet responded should be contacted.

To the caterer: Please provide the final quantity.

DJs, bands, and ceremony musicians: please provide playlists

When only 1 week remains

Go to the salon and get a new cut and colour.

Refresh your records for the wedding planning checklist

Instructions for the Big Day in Advance

Transport Operator

Assign someone to bring back the rented suits, ties, and wedding                  dress.

Get an emergency kit ready for the big day

Request photos and videos from the photographer and the filmmaker.

Provide suppliers with final payments and distribute gratuities to staff          in cash.

Plan the wedding’s clothing by laying out dresses and collecting                      jewellery.

Your Big Day

Be sure to have a healthy breakfast 

Keep your feet up as much as you can

Please give yourself plenty of time to prepare.

Keep hydrated by drinking water.

Take out the dress and jewellery, and have them steamed if                            necessary.

Lay out any objects you wish to be captured by a photographer

Wrapping It Up

If you are  looking for your wedding planning checklist. Then here you go. This  is  quite  natural,  and  you’ve  found  the  right  site  to get help with wedding planning. To get you started, the guide has  compiled a wedding planning checklist to ensure that all of the essential details are taken care of. We’ve laid out a whole year’s worth of tasks  so  you can relax knowing everything is planned out.

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